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Dancing keeps your brain in shape!

Dancing keeps your brain in shape!

One of the most overlooked benefits of dancing, are the ones that helps us get a better state of mind. Dancing is an absolute ball, and if it is done regularly it can help us get in shape and meet a lot of people. Beyond all of this, dancing will make a strong impact...

5 Reasons you should dance at your wedding

Yes – You should dance at your wedding! There are some things at weddings that never change.  This is the first dance between the married couple. Along with this are many other first dances that occur.  This could be the father-daughter dance, mother-son, or the...
Ballroom Dancing for Teens and Kids

Ballroom Dancing for Teens and Kids

Ballroom Dancing for Teens and Kids The newest sensation is ballroom dancing for teens and kids. This boom in popularity is due in part to hit TV shows like “Dancing with the Stars,” “Little Big Shots,” and “World of Dance.” It seems our current generation of kids...
Children’s Dance Lessons

Children’s Dance Lessons

Why Children’s Dance Lessons are a good idea for kids! Children’s dances lessons are a wonderful after-school activity for your children. Typically, they can begin any time after age three. Check out our blog on “Best Age to Start Dancing” for more...
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