Children’s Dance Lessons

Why Children’s Dance Lessons are a good idea for kids!

Children’s dances lessons are a wonderful after-school activity for your children. Typically, they can begin any time after age three. Check out our blog on “Best Age to Start Dancing” for more information on this topic.

Dancing will improve social skills, confidence, strength, flexibility, and listening skills in your children. Building a strong mind-body connection in youth is a good way to give your kid a head-start in life. Dancing also helps children learn rhythm, beats, counts, and music appreciation.

Things to consider for children’s dance lessons

There are a few things you should think about when you are signing up your kids for dance classes.  These things include style of dance, level of difficulty, dress code, the child’s level of dedication, scheduling, studio location, instructor qualifications, the type of dance floor in the studio, class size, teacher/student ratio, length of the classes, and cost. Check out our blog on “How to Choose Dance Lessons for Kids” for more details about picking classes and what questions to ask your studio and instructors.

Dance Class Attire

It’s important to dress your child in appropriate dance attire for class. Of course, you can buy brand new dance outfits in a local dance store, and there are many options online. In addition, consider buying gently-used dance clothes and shoes from a children’s consignment store or local second-hand shop. They won’t be in these clothes for long! It is recommended to buy shoes and clothes slightly larger, as children’s bodies and feet grow so fast. Yet, you still want the fit to be good to reduce the risk of injury.

Children’s Ballet Lesson Attire

For ballet classes, usually a simple leotard, tights, and ballet shoes are appropriate. A nice tight bun to keep hair out of the face is best. You can look up bun tutorial videos on YouTube if you are new to this hairstyle. You will need a hairnet, bobby pins, and hair spray. Pointe shoes are needed for advanced ballet classes.

Children’s Jazz Class Attire

For jazz classes, stretchy leggings or tight shorts and a T-shirt or tank top are appropriate, as well as nude or black jazz slippers or sneakers. For hip-hop classes, baggy attire is usually trendier, and street sneakers or dance sneakers are typically worn. Special tap shoes are needed for tap classes.

Where to kind dance shoes for children

Some popular brands for children’s dance shoes and clothing include:

Encourage your child to stretch at home and review their routines before the start of class and in-between classes. Remember, for dancers, “Practice Makes Permanence!”

Dance is an excellent form of exercise that teaches grace, control, balance, coordination and self-expression. Whether your child wants to learn dance for competition, performance, or just for fun, we have the right class for everyone!

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