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Stay on time for WCS

Staying on time in West Coast Swing! Baby steps to getting really good! Staying on time in West Coast Swing is something that new dancers struggle with. Hopefully I can provide a couple tips to help you make the leap from ‘thinking through your dance’ into a state of...

Better Technique

Foot positions and favorite colors. How to your favorite color may influence how you dance! Lets have a little fun here. Whats your favorite color? Is your favorite color more subtle or do you like bold colors? Pick either subtle or bold, read on and I’ll...
Improve your turns

Improve your turns

3 Steps to improve your turns… literally “Help me with balance in turns!” Thats the overwhelming response I got when I posed the question on Facebook of what to cover this month. Perfect because I teach a turn technique workshop with a money back...
Improving Your Posture for dance

Improving Your Posture for dance

You improve your dancing. I get eternal love and coke cans make a cameo appearance. I recently began blogging on subjects related to dancing and the dance business. While chatting with a long time dance friend she said “Brian the most frustrating thing to me is...
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