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The Best Dance Studio Space In Louisville!

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Natural Light = Happy Dancers

Studies have shown that we are happier with the availability of light. We carefully chose our studio with this in mind. Many studios are buried deep inside buildings with no windows, but not Dance Louisville! You will find that the large windows along the front of the studio help create a warm and happy feeling while you are dancing.

Large Comfortable Dance Floor

Dance Louisville has the largest open dance studio in Louisville! No poles, just a wide open beautiful floor for you to dance on. You will find almost 2500 square feet of floor which leaves plenty of space for you to dance the night away!

Our floor also has two other features that are important to you as a dancer.

  1. It’s a floating floor. That means the wood is not glued to the concrete but floats on a pad, providing plenty of cushion and making dancing easy on your joints.
  2. Our floor is fast. That simply means that you won’t need special dance shoes right away because the floor is not sticky. The floor is very smooth, making your first lessons easy and comfortable.

Fantastic Sound System

We chose the best quality Speaker Craft speakers for you! A unique feature of our sound system is the ceiling mounted speakers. The sound is positioned right above you so you will get a clear crisp professional sound from your favorite song. We also have our sound wired into 2 zones so the music can be played specifically for you wherever you are on the floor!

Fun Evening Lighting

At some point it’s time to shut off the lights and change the mood. With a Disco Ball at the center and some strategically placed professional lighting, you will have super cool evening lighting for dances and parties. We create the atmosphere so you can just have fun!

Great Location

From the moment you pull up to our door, you will know that its going to be a great experience. We have a wonderful east end location in Lyndon, less than a mile from Westport Village. It’s a great neighborhood. We have plenty of parking and are less than a mile from 264 and the Oxmoor Mall. Learn more about our dance studio here. If you need a hall to rent, let us know.

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