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Yes – You should dance at your wedding! There are some things at weddings that never change.  This is the first dance between the married couple. Along with this are many other first dances that occur.  This could be the father-daughter dance, mother-son, or the dance between the grandparents and the bride and groom.  One of the most fun elements at a wedding is dancing and celebrating.  Regardless of the type of venue you have chosen, which you can find through Thering.org, once the dancing begins, you know the party has started.  Yet, this is not the most comfortable experience for everyone involved.  Even some brides and grooms may be hesitant to show off their dance moves.  But, it is always a great idea to dance at your wedding, and here are five reasons why you should dance at your wedding.

1. It Is a Special Moment for the Two of You

For your first dance as a married couple, just have fun with it and do something special.  Some brides and grooms will do something that is choreographed.  This could even be a surprise to all your guests.  But this a special moment to share something as husband and wife.  Choose a song that you and your partner love, something that speaks to the relationship between both of you.  Take the time to practice before the wedding.  Share every moment leading up to it and enjoy that first time dancing together.

2. Dancing is Fun

As we get older, we tend to forget about the little things that were fun, such as those nights that you may have gone out dancing and had a good time.  It is an activity that is done purely for fun.  You had fun together, laughed together, and you are now sharing your first dance as a married couple. Enjoy yourselves and cherish the moment.  You will look back at the wedding photos, and recall this special time.  Your guests will see you having fun and will, in turn, want to do the same thing.

3. Do the Dance for The Both of You

It may be a situation where one or the other is not into the dance.  One of you may have a vision for how the first dance will be and the other will not necessarily feel it is that important.  When you are married, there will be many scenarios like this.  This is the first time as a married couple where you can support one another, regardless if it is something you are not 100% interested in.  You support each other throughout your marriage.  Dance together as you would move together through life as a married couple.

4. Taking Dance Lessons is Fun

Not everyone is born to dance. And why not start your marriage off with something the two of you worked on together.  Taking dancing lessons is a great way to express how you can share your life together.  You are moving to a song you both love, sharing a dance floor together.  This can be a fun night out leading up to the wedding.  It could become a weekly date night of dinner and dancing.  And when it is all done, you have something to show for it.  A skill that you both have, which you both can share together for the many years you will be married. Learn about our wedding lesson packages here.

5. It Is a Time-Honored Tradition

The venue is set, all the planning is done, your guests have arrived and the party is about to start.  This concept of honoring the special guests originates back to 16th Century Europe.  At these elaborate balls that took place, there would be a guest of honor and they would always partake in the first dance.  In this situation, it is still the most important people in the room.  Those who are newly married, and celebrating with friends and family.  You are honoring your guests by taking the first dance and starting the celebrations.

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