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My name is Brian B. I’m the owner of Dance Louisville. We are about to celebrate our 10th birthday on Saturday November 7th. Surviving 10 years in business is no small feat! Over the past 10 years the studio has grown into the leading ballroom dance studio in the city. We’ve have taught literally 1000’s of people to dance!

Why I need your help!

Personally I’ve have had a long history as a professional dancer. I’ve had the opportunity to travel the world and dance in over 20 countries! At this stage of my career however my absolute passion is to introduce dancing to as many people as possible!

Our teachers have worked hard to create a great experience for our dancers and I’m happy to say we have a first class reputation in the community! You can read more about that here.

Ballroom dancing has some fantastic benefits! We have lots of success stories. Losing weight, getting ready for weddings, learning a new skill, making new friends. There are many benefits of dancing! The Courier Journal even did a piece on us and put us on the front page!

Here is what I need from you!

I want you to please share this post with anyone you can think of that might want to ballroom dance!

People are nervous to start dancing and I need to help make them feel welcome!

Ballroom dancing has some fantastic benefits! Losing weight, meeting people, preparing for social functions, wedding dance lessons and JUST PLAIN FUN! The Courier Journal even did a piece on it and put us on the front page!

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If you have ever wanted to learn to dance FOR ANY REASON, please give us a call. 502-377-4859. I have a special offer to help get you started!

Oh and just cause you know I’m serious about taking care of you? I actually hired my mom a few years back to help book new students. I needed someone I could really trust to be the first person that you speak with on the phone.

I told you we were close to you.

Dance Louisville is located in the neighborhood of Lyndon at 8023 Catherine Lane, Louisville KY, 40222. Right off of Lyndon Lane. We are located behind ‘ToGo Sushi’

Please help share the joy of dance!


Thanks so much for your help! I’m looking forward towards another 10 years of teaching Louisville to dance!

All the best,

Brian B


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