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“Get into the swing of better health and fitness with ballroom dance lessons”

That was the headline on the front page of the Courier Journal here in Louisville Friday July 10th. Darla Carter a reporter visited us a few weeks back and interviewed a bunch of our students about the health benefits of ballroom dance lessons in Louisville! She attended a Thursday night for our group swing and ballroom dance lessons and met many of our dancers. Personally I was so happy that she was willing to share the stories of several of our students on the positive impact ballroom dancing has made it their lives.

For the past several years in particular our staff at Dance Louisville has become keenly aware of how important our students weekly lessons are for them. Dancing is a fantastic way to get some exercise, forget about a bad day at the office or simply have a good time with new friends. I’m proud that our little secret that “Ballroom Dance Lessons are for everyone” is getting out in the main stream in Louisville! Really, anyone can do it!

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Dance Louisville made the front page of the paper!

I was happy that Darla took the time to chat with a wide variety of students from Carter who is 17 and started dancing with us when he was 9 to a lady in her 90’s. I won’t say who because she would get mad at me if I told on her. 😉 It was cool that people got to see that people of all ages really do in fact ballroom dance on the regular and all at the same time! Another observation that Darla made during her visit to our ballroom dance lessons Louisville,  was that the beginners were having more fun than the more advanced people. I was proud of that because beginners are typically nervous and I love the fact that they feel comfortable at Dance Louisville.

You can check out a copy of the article online on the Courier Journal Health and Fitness section. (Disclaimer you have to answer one survey question to access the article. Silly CJ online newspaper lol) Its worth it cause there article is well done!

“It was so enjoyable just to be around people and to have that connection,” said Geroski, who’s now learned a variety of dances, including the foxtrot, tango, rumba and salsa. “You name it, I have just really enjoyed it.”

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If so check out my personal offer. I truly want to help you get started into the wonderful world of dancing and Dance Louisville. I promise dancing is easier than you think. Give us a call (502) 377-4859 and we would be happy to get you started.

PS want to hear my personal story? You can read it here or go directly to the Voice Tribune online article.

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