Why Engineers Make Good Dancers!


We know, you’re probably wondering…can there be a relationship between engineering and dancing? At first glance, it seems there’s no possible connection, and we don’t have scientific evidence to back up what we are going to state in this article, but we do have empiric experience that helps to show that we are not wrong at all. After all, experience is to science what water is to the ocean, right?


What does an engineer do? What are the main features of an engineer?

Two questions, which engineers will answer depending on which branch they specialize in, but overall engineers tend to be very systematic when it comes to calculations and extremely precise when following instructions and steps . We can attribute it to their academic backgrounds. The have a natural tendency to follow or to design instructions step by step or in their own words, “algorithmically”.

So that boasts the question…

Does all of that really help to make a good dancer? To respond, let’s travel to Boston, specifically to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) which is the home for one of the world most renowned higher education institutions for engineers. Nonetheless, it is less well-known that many of these professionals frequently compete on the MIT Ballroom Dance Team, one of the largest and most successful collegiate ballroom teams in the United States. To respond the aforementioned question let’s refer to a student that when asked about the success of all these engineers at ballroom dance she said: “MIT students are very good at [ballroom dance] because we like to be precise,” she says. “We like to understand the mechanics of how the movement works, and that helps with our technique. At first, you wouldn’t think it’s true, but ballroom is a pretty fitting hobby for many of us at MIT.”

Based on engineers’ organized way of putting things in perspective, we can affirm that since learning to dance requires some wide perspective and an important sense of orientation, they have an edge over this. In spite of tackling art, the pathway for learning steps and moves can be logical.  Furthermore, since dancing demands the following of patterns and rules, engineers by nature can easily put this into practice. They feel in their element. That rational and analytic way of acting and bringing things together is definitely part of their lives.

According to some engineering students at different universities, another element that might explain why engineers are good at dancing has to do with the long study hours dealing with numbers which force them to find a way out to release some of the daily stress. This is very often done by hanging out in groups and going for a drink. It is not a secret to anyone the effect that alcohol can have in our body and minds. In the case of ballroom dancing it might range from daring to try new and cool steps, to dancing all night long. What a combination: alcohol, logics, and dancing! Not bad at all. In any case, many people – engineers included, use dance as a stress reliever.

After analyzing some of the potential reasons why engineers tend to be good dancers, the takeaway message is that you do not need to study engineering to be a good dancer. However, if you’re an engineer looking for a new hobby…we may have given you something to think about. So what are you waiting for?

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