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You’re probably wondering…can there be a relationship between engineering and dancing?

At first glance, it seems there’s no possible connection, and we don’t have scientific evidence to back up the claim but after years of experience on the dance floor, we’ve noticed a strong connection! .After all, experience is to science what water is to the ocean, right?

What are engineers good at? 

Overall engineers tend to be very systematic when it comes to calculations and extremely precise when following instructions and steps. We can attribute it to their academic backgrounds. The have a natural tendency to follow or to design instructions step by step or in their own words, “algorithmically”.

What makes a good dancer? 

Dancing, although though of as very artistic, can be very technical as well. An ability to systematically learn and understand basic fundamental principals can be very helpful!  Students who are able to see the underlying structure to the art, are able to learn more quickly.

Is there proof that engineers make good dancers?

In our experience YES… but our experience isn’t very scientific. So, let’s travel to Boston, to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for a larger sample size and perhaps a more definitive answer!

We all know that MIT is home for one of the world most renowned higher education institutions for engineers. A lesser known fact is that it also has one of the largest and most successful college ballroom dance teams in the nation!

When asked about the success of all these engineers at ballroom dance here is what their coaches had to say: “MIT students are very good at ballroom dancing because they like to be precise,” she says. “The students like to understand the mechanics of how the movement works, and that helps with learning and technique. At first, you wouldn’t think it’s true, but ballroom is a pretty fitting hobby for many students at MIT.”

Based on engineers’ organized way of putting things in perspective, we can see that since learning to dance requires some wide perspective and an important sense of orientation, they have an edge over this. In spite of tackling art, the pathway for learning steps and moves can be logical.  Furthermore, since dancing demands the following of patterns and rules, engineers by nature can easily put this into practice. They feel in their element. That rational and analytic way of acting and bringing things together is definitely part of their lives.

So what’s the takeaway?

The takeaway message is that you do not need to study engineering to be a good dancer. However, if you’re an engineer, you possess a unique way of looking at things that will help you pick up a new hobby like ballroom dancing, more easily. Who knew right? So if you’re looking for a new hobby… we may have given you something to think about.

Why dancing is good for engineers 😉

After long study hours dealing with numbers, many engineers will look for an outlet that lets them use a different part of their brain and relieve some of the daily stress. While this is very often done by hanging out in groups and going for a drink, ballroom dancing can accomplish the same thing in a more healthy way. According to some engineering students at different universities, learning new steps and going for a night our dancing can create a healthy replacement to “a drink after work to unwind”  In any case, many people – engineers included, use dance as a stress reliever!

How can you get started?

There are 2 main ways to get involved in dancing – group classes and private lessons. Which is best? Well, both have an important role in the learning process!

We recommend coming in for a private lesson first, that will get you acquainted with the studio, start learning and also allow you to ask any specific questions you might have. Dancing is a fun hobby!

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