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This statement has nothing to do with genetics, as some people could say that they were not ‘given the gift’ of dancing. However, experience teaches us that succeeding in doing something has to be with perseverance, discipline and effort. Dancing is not an exception to this rule. Forget about having two left feet or claiming to be deaf to music. It is undeniable that there are people who tend to be more skillful, but it should not be intimidating to show what you are made of. There’s nothing that a dancing lesson cannot figure out.

Whether you’re new to dance or a seasoned competitor, the following list can apply to universal strategies you can use at every lesson to maximize your learning and enjoyment.

Set your course

This basically means to envision some of the intricacies of this new challenge you are undertaking. Decide, in advance, how you will face a challenge. This will enable you to better overcome it; therefore, you will feel more relieved, less apprehensive and frustrated. As everything in life this requires a plan and a map.

Clear your mind

Before entering the dance studio, clear your mind of any outside concerns, interferences and issues. Remember that dancing serves as a stress reliever so you can use your class time to relax and clear your mind. This activity is supposed to be anxiety-free and enjoyable. Remember, it’s your hobby – not your job!

 Learn at your own pace

Everyone learns to dance at different speeds, so do not compare yourself to others in your class. There are people who just seem to catch on faster than the others, and many people may already have a dance background. Do not hesitate to ask questions if you are doubtful about a certain step. Teachers love questions! (And chances are, you’re not the only person who has them.)

Wear the right clothes

Ensure that your clothes are of the right size and come in proper dance attire depending on the instructions proposed by your instructor. Make sure that your dance clothes fit your body well; otherwise, it can disrupt your dancing. Make sure you are comfortable!

Be open-minded to new possibilities

Do not take for granted that dances like Samba or Viennese Waltz are simply difficult and impossible because you are an older dancer. When you open your heart and mind to all of life’s possibilities, you will be greatly rewarded. In conclusion, willingness matters and pays off the investment.

Find and work on your own style

Each of us has certain inclinations and tastes that make us feel happy and fulfilled.  While it’s nice to try many things, when you do find something that you absolutely love, make sure to make that a central part of your dancing.  Whether it’s latin music, electronic style, or swing dancing, when something brings you joy, make that a regular part of your life.

Happy dancing everyone!!

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