Your first wedding dance

Should you practice?

The day of your wedding, will most likely be like no other, some of us have been waiting and thinking about it for a long time, and if you are one of those who haven’t, I will let you in a little secret, after feeling everyone’s attention, all the warm complements and hugs, and what’s more important, seeing the happy faces of all your love ones looking back at you, believe me, it will become a magical day.

That’s why every moment counts. You will probably want it to be perfect, and yes, that includes your wedding dance. Even though some of you couples may be good dancers already, most couples need dance lessons to feel safer and more relaxed during those magical minutes, learning and above all, practicing your moves, will get you through the dance as easy and playful as it can be.

first wedding dance lesson

Preparing the dance, besides helping to make everything perfect, provides the bride and groom a few hours of disconnection from the whole wedding preparations madness, moments of complicity within the couple, and create laughter and memories that will come across the dance while performing in the wedding, making it a beautiful display of affection to watch.
What’s our advice?

Our first recommendation is to approach your dance with humor and calm, enjoy it to the maximum, it will be one the in times time that the couple will have, there is already enough stress with the choice of the restaurant, the composition of the tables, confirmation of the guests, and so on. This will be your day, your time, so you have to enjoy it.

Secondly, the dance has to be chosen for the couple, not every dance goes with every couple, and we can help you take that decision using our knowledge and experience. The practice time will vary due to several factors, such as the type of dance you want to do, how far you are willing to go, and the previous knowledge.

It is always advisable to start three months before the wedding, the more time to dance the better, it will give you more possibilities and resources, and more important practice and experience. But again, this always depends on the bride and groom.
How we can help!

At Dance Louisville we’ve been teaching couples just like you for well over a decade. We have several options to help you succeed. Only have a few days till the wedding? We have a crash course for you. Want to plan out a youtube worthy dance extravaganza? We do that too! The first step is giving us a call (502) 377-4859. Your first lesson is on us! From there the teachers can discuss all of your options for lessons.

Our last recommendation for your first wedding dance, is that if you want to make the most of dance lessons and improve faster on your way to nailing your wedding dance, it’s convenient to spend a little time to practice at home: before making dinner, when there is nothing interesting on TV or when you are tired of choosing flower centers. ?