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So, you want to learn to dance, that’s excellent! Finding a dance studio that fits you, will be an easy second step in this pleasant journey called Dancing.

And to help you narrow down your decision, we are going to give you six pointers that you can follow, and help you to make a right decision, but these are all suggestions, the weight that you give to each of these parameters will be up to you, remember that what matters most is you having the more fun!


A detail to consider is the experience of those who will be your teachers, in this type of schools you can evaluate if the teachers have been part of some competition in their discipline, or if they have any certifications or even some awards. It always helps to see a previous class, to see if there is good chemistry between the teacher and the students, and that will also give you a chance to see if you like their methods.


In a dance school you will find different styles of dance, with different levels of difficulty. When choosing you should consider that the academy has more than one style you like, that way you can continue growing your dance knowledge by learning another rhythm after reaching a certain level in other. See the types of dances we teach.


You should find a place that you can access easily, so it should be close to work or home. One of the risks of choosing a school away from your environment is, that daily tasks may eventually prevent you from attending classes. In addition, you must value your time, and the less time you spend on your way to the studio the better. Dance Louisville has a convenient east end location.


Schedules Like the proximity of the academy, are very important, since these must be compatible with your availability. Always choose a schedule that you know you can meet. It is worthless to choose the best school or the one that is closer to your house, if you are late. You can see our schedule here.

Trial Run

There are schools that allow you to receive a free trial lesson, and there are others that allow you to take a single lesson by paying it, take it in order to test the service and quality. If you are interested in how to choose a ballroom dance studio… you should first and foremost give one a try! For those studios that do not allow trial lessons, it may be possible to witness one session, go there and watch it, take your time to assets the relation between teacher and students and watch how the teacher perform, and if his styles suit you.

Why Dance Louisville?

At Dance Louisville we have been in business for over 11 years. We are a family run dance studio with a professional staff of 6 excellent teachers who truly care about your experience at our studio. We personally invite you to take us up on our FREE FIRST LESSON. It will give you chance to come in and check us out. I’m sure you will have a great time. Give us a call (502) 3774859. See you on the dance floor!

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