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Dancing is an activity that is often seen as pure entertainment. That is, by no means, wrong – dancing is a lot of fun, but having a great time is only one of the gifts of getting up and moving! Here are just a few benefits of dance for your body!

Dance helps get you into shape. When you dance you move your whole body, literally from your head to your toes, so there is no secret that if you dance, you will burn calories. That may even result in your pants feeling a little loose eventually, but more important than that, your muscles will get stronger and more agile. When going up stairs you won’t feel so tired, and in your daily life you will see that your body will respond better to daily activities. Dancing will get your body in shape and working like a well oiled machine.

Your heart will say thank you.  The American Heart Association says that dancing can reduce the risk of having heart disease if it is being done regularly. Dance is an aerobic exercise, and it will get your heart pumping and active. Over time, this will make your heart much healthier and in shape for a longer time.

Dance prevents osteoporosis. All bones get thinner as we grow old, but if you dance, you will tell your body that you are still using them, and that It should not neglect them. Even if you are in an older demographic, if you dance, your body will work on getting you stronger bones. Since your muscles will be active also, they can hold a lot of weight, and not leave this responsibility only to the bones. 

Want more benefits of dance for your body? You got it!

More energy!! Who doesn’t want that?! When you are having fun, your body releases endorphins, and they will have a residual effect on your body that will make you feel more energized. Because you are working out with aerobic exercise, it will take longer to feel tired, giving you that feeling of having more energy throughout daily activity.

Dance improves your posture. When dancing, along with your bones and muscles getting stronger, your back and joints will get more flexible too!, Because dance is fun and low impact, a lot of the muscles or joints that are tense due to daily stress will get more loose. All of this will improve your posture, and why is it important to have a good posture, you ask? Good posture actually prevents fatigue and injuries; Especially in parts of your body that are not made to hold the weight when you assume a bad posture position, like your lower back or shoulders. Good posture makes for better overall daily experiences in all aspects of your life. 

Dance improves cholesterol and sugar levels. Most exercises can help on this matter, but dancing is more effective than other activities because it can be practiced in any place, at any time and with no age limit! Since dance is also a low impact activity, you can do it more often and get the most of it. How great does that sound?

Now that you’ve read all about just a few of the benefits of dance for your body – what are you waiting for?! Get out there and start shaking your groove thing. Your body, mind and heart will thank you!


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