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1. Dancing is a cheap high

Endorphins are released when the body has to exert itself. A lot like the ‘runners high’ that we have heard about, dancing can produce its own high! The combination of physical activity, mental stimulation and a connection to music make the dancers high something quite unique!

2. Dancing will save brain cells

In 2003 the New England Journal of Medicine studied 9 different physical leisure activities trying to determine if any of them could help delay the onset of dementia. Of the 9, only ballroom dancing demonstrated a significant impact in lowing the risk of the participants.

3. Dance can be more fun than the gym

Its an easy way to burn calories and stay fit with out having to go to a gym. You can burn several hundred calories per hour without feeling like you are ‘working out’

4. Dance can make you, Ahem, more cultured.

Who doesn’t like the worlds most interesting man? (or woman for the matter) Being able to perform a little Foxtrot or Rumba and a social function can lead you one step closer to being that guy or gal. How cool would it be the be able to dance some salsa on the cruise deck of a fancy cruise ship or literally Waltz across the floor when the mood struck?

5.  Dance will give you courage to try new things.

Scared to walk into a dance class? Thats exactly why you should!  Learning a skill like ballroom dancing will give you the confidence to try just about anything! Sometime the most difficult step is the first one and in a dance class there is a teacher to help. See you on the dance floor!

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