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Country Two Step Lessons
Country Dancing is Cool!

Country is the most popular of all country dances that you can do with a partner. Linedance is really fun to but lets stick to partner dancing. Two Step consists of lots of turns and wraps and is perfect for the social dance floor our country honky tonk. Learning the basics is easy. Learn more about our two step group classes or how you can learn to country dance with private lessons.

What is Country Two Step?

How to get with country two step!

FREE 30-minute 2-Step Lesson

We offer group classes & private lessons but a free two step lesson is the the best way I could think to help get you started learning to country dance.

This is the BEST way to get started!

Please give us a call – We can’t wait to dance with you.


two step lessons

Country Two Step Baiscs

There are some simple patterns to learn

We’ve taught people to two step for over 20 years. Here are some of the basics that you’ll learn on your lessons. You’ll have a blast!

  • The basic step
  • Couples turns
  • Double Turn & Weave

I look forward to meeting you!

Brian B (owner, Dance Louisville)

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