Group Classes

Group Classes

The best Group Classes in Louisville

We have a series of dance lessons created to teach the basics of the popular social dances. Ballroom dance lessons, West Coast Swing and Salsa Dance Lessons are all available in group class format at Dance Louisville.. New dancers as well as more experienced ones are welcome. The classes will remain focused on building good dance skill so that new students will be able to enjoy dancing these hot dances. Students rotate so you never need a partner. Group classes are a great way to not only learn new steps but to meet and dance with others.


Things to know about group classes

  • No partner necessary!
  • Singles and couples are welcome!
  • We rotate partners during class
  • For couples, rotating partners is recomended but not required 🙂
  • Progressive classes work in 4 week cycles
  • You can start group classes on the 1st or 2nd week of the month

What are progressive classes?

  • Progressive classes work in 4 week cycles
  • Week 1 - You will learn some new dance steps
  • Week 2 - You will review week 1 and build on it.
  • Week 3 - You will continue to build on weeks 1 & 2
  • Week 4 - You will review the month so you will retain what you learned
  • We recommend starting class on the 1st or 2nd week of the month

All group classes are progressive with the exception of Sunday afternoon classes. You may start Sunday classes any week! Take a peek at our group class calendar…

Group Class Pricing

  • First month special – 30 days of classes for only $30
  • Unlimited monthly class pass only $59
  • Group Classes are $10 per class.

Group Class Info

Our group classes are designed to start anytime! Just pick a class and some on in and get started! We have both Beginner and Intermediate classes so no matter what your level we have you covered. Singles and couples welcome. Students rotate so you never need a partner in our group classes. For couples, rotating is recommended but not required. In our experience, couples that rotate learn more quickly and enjoy their classes more. Nervous about getting started? Give us a call at (502) 377-4859. We would LOVE to answer any questions you have!


Intermediate & Advanced Group Classes

Continue your education! As you progress beyond beginner classes you will move into our intermediate and advanced classes. We rotate all of the main ballroom dances as well as swing and salsa, bachata and more each month. You will never run out of things to learn in group lessons! For wedding couples…wedding dance lessons are done through private instruction.


Performance Groups

2 times a year we run a student showcase, typically early June and early December. Our showcase is a 90 min show where students perform individual and group performances to an audience of almost 200 spectators. We run 2 fantastic teams for each showcase, a Beginner Team and Int/Adv Team. The showcase teams are a really fun way to get comfortable with your dancing plus they are A TON OF FUN! No experience is required for the beginner teams. Signups for the teams usually begin in late March and late September. Don’t miss out on this great experience. Ask a staff member for details!


Group Classes not your thing?

Try Private Lessons! Get your first private lesson FREE!

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