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Along with the American Tango and Foxtrot, the Waltz is one of the smooth ballroom dances. This is a classic, sweeping dance which makes it widely appealing for most beginners. This dance is done to 3/4 timing, meaning there are only 3 beats in each basic step, and has a distinct rise and fall quality that everyone can pick out. You’ve probably seen this dance style in movies, dancing with the stars, and possibly even out in your local dance scene.

Waltz was recorded to have been created in as early as 1580, and since then many variants have appeared. Done mainly in a closed frame, this classic dance is one that can be danced to many well known songs such as: Moon River, Fascination, Open Arms and many more. The leader always offers their hand to their follower, and the follower finds the perfect position to start dancing. Some ladies say that the waltz makes them feel like a princess, and that is never a bad thing.

Competitively, Waltz, previously known as Slow Waltz, can also be done is more of an open format, meaning the dancers do not always stay in their closed frame position. In the American Smooth competitions, many of the dancers will break apart into side to side movements and then come back into their closed frame. The waltz frame is the same one that you will find in the other smooth ballroom dances and one of the hardest to keep correct. The waltz, with its beautiful nature and gliding qualities, is extremely technical and one of the most well known dances in the world. It is impressive to watch, and fun to learn!

The Viennese Waltz is another style in the Waltz family, with a much faster tempo and feet crossing action. It is another popular style from the early 1800s, and is a dance style you might see around frequently. You can learn waltz in our group classes & private lessons.

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