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Swing Dance Lessons

There are lots of different types of swing dance. We offer different swing dance lessons. West Coast Swing has taken the world by storm, and you do not want to miss out! Taking West Coast Swing dance lessons is a great activity for everyone, whether you have a partner or not. Dancing helps enable you to learn new skills, meet new people, stay in shape, or even lose weight and keep your mind sharp. If you have ever been inspired to perform or compete, there are opportunities for that too. We have group and private lesson options so no matter your schedule, or budget we have you covered. We also know that taking dance lessons can be a new and sometimes intimidating challenge, but rest assured…you’re in good hands.

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A few quick thoughts about getting started

  • FUN AND TRENDY: West Coast Swing is one of the most popular dance styles around! Be one of the cool kids!
  • YOU CAN DANCE IT ANYWHERE: The music for West Coast Swing is wide spread, so you can dance to almost every song!
  • WANT A CHALLENGE? This dance can be tricky, but once you get the hang of it – it′s super rewarding and fun!
  • FIRST PRIVATE LESSON FREE: Thats right your first lesson is on us. Don′t take our word for it…Come see how much fun West Coast is for yourself!

Things to know for dance lessons…

  • No experience needed!
  • Shoes with non-sticky rubber soles are recommended. Ladies, we recommend closed toes shoes with perhaps a small heel.
  • You′re only new once! Take the first step in our doors…you will not regret it!

How to get started swing dancing

You can chose to start with group or private lessons!

Some people prefer to start with group lessons, others with private swing dance lessons. We recommend starting with a FREE 30 min private lesson. It’s the best way to get comfortable with Dance Louisville and heck its free so what do you have to lose.

Group Classes

We have group classes 4-5 days a week. You can learn West Coast Swing every Thursday! We also offer Salsa & Bachata or Ballroom and Country dance styles too. Anything you want, you can learn! 

Private Lessons

Private lessons are the best way to learn on your own schedule and at your own pace. The average person take about 1 private lesson per week. We have private lessons available in 30, 45 & 60 min blocks. Your first one is FREE and it the best way to get introduced to Dance Louisville!

Social Dancing

Social dancing is the best way to practice your steps and get some fun time on the dance floor. We have a practice party every Thursday as well as Friday and Saturday dances several times each month. The studio also takes weekend trips to cities around the midwest for even more dancing and competing!

West Coast Swing History

Fun fact! West Coast Swing is the state dance of California. It’s origins are definitely in Lindy Hop, but has changed over the years! It’s distinctive “dancing in a slot” approach derives from San Diego dance halls as far back as 1938. The kicking jitterbugs would frolic in the center of the floor, with the smooth dancers grooving on the periphery. First called western swing by Arthur Murray in the 1950s, swing had taken a definite right turn. A “slot” appeared along with the follower’s “walk walk” on the first two steps thanks to Murray’s initial coding of the dance in a studio.

In the 50’s, this dance was sometimes referred to as western swing and/or sophisticated swing, and sometimes it still is. In Downey, California in 1958, any dance called “western” would not attract students. Skippy Blair and her crew would explain that “western” really meant “west coast.” Then, Jim Banister, local editor of the Herald American Newspaper suggested that they call it just that. So when they advertised in 1961, they advertised the dance as west coast swing. The dances current name, West Coast Swing, entered into mainstream swing circles in the late 60’s. Many credit the current name of the dance to Skippy Blair.

Latin styles and hustle influenced WCS from the 70’s. Beginners seeing hustle and west coast swing often cannot distinguish them. Current WCS styles vary considerably. Modern WCS can be conservatively upright-postured, smooth and warm, or a funky, hot-partnered jazz dance. It is the social dance that allows for the greatest choice in styles of music.

Watch our Interview on the history of west coast swing dancing.

Looking for more great online west coast swing instruction? Please check out our online site: WestCoastSwingOnline.com Its the #1 website for all things west coast swing related!

Where should you start?

FREE 30-minute Private Lesson

We offer group & private lesson but a free lesson is the the best way I could think to help get you started! You’ll have a chance to learn some moves, meet one of our instructors and learn more about how dancing can be amazing for your life.

This is the BEST way to get started!

Please give us a call with any questions and to schedule. We can’t wait to meet you!


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  1. Tracey Nettles

    My husband and I would love to take dance lessons. What days are lessons? Group would be an option also. What days are lessons available? Interest would be swing, easier levels to start. We would likely do a few types if we like it.

    • dancelouisville

      Hi Tracey,
      We are open 7 days a week. We have group classes 4-5 days a week. Give us a call 502-377-4859. We can schedule a free first private lessons and you can learn about all the group & private lessons options. It’s really fun! Talk soon,Brian


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