Overcoming Your Fear of Trying Something New

Are you afraid of trying something new? Perhaps Ballroom Dancing?

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘two left feet before.’ It is a common excuse to justify the fear that we may have when it comes to trying something new, say ballroom dancing. Don’t get us wrong…walking into a new, unknown environment can be terrifying! But you never know what’s on the other side unless we give things a shot, right?!

No one was born with two left feet, and in any situation, we guarantee that you’re going to do better than you think your first time out. We want you to get rid of any misconceptions you may have and encourage you to live up to your very own potential. You don’t have forever, so why not start today? Sometimes we hear people say I wish I had started this when I was younger…but age is just a number people and many activities, including dancing may actually extend your life! Just keep that in mind…

First and foremost, if we want to overcome a fear we need to start by wanting to do so. Hesitation is probably one of the agents that tends to hold us back, so you may start with a simple decision and see what happens next. Based on that, we want to remind you that at this very first stage you probably won’t be participating in “Dancing with the Starts” (maybe later, who knows?), so let’s take it easy and focus on just trying out a few steps and listening to the music. We are all our harshest critics, but try to avoid early assessments. Every day that you try, you’re making progress.  It would be unfair to judge the entire process at such an early stage.  We don’t have the miracle  pill  for  everything  we  want,  but  what  we  do  have which  is  even  better  than  a magic  pill  or  wand…we have a PLAN! When we plan any project (whether it be personal,  social, or economic) we are a step ahead of the three ugly Fs: Failure,  Frustration,  and  Fear.

What  does  a  plan  for  overcoming a fear of  Ballroom Dance contain?
How could it be carried out?

Try these ingredients:

1. The first step is the first step
Conquering the  initial  nervousness  is  the  key. Starting something from the scratch may be hard, but there’s nothing that practice cannot defeat. Practice makes perfect!

2. Forget about the cliché “I have no rhythm”
Does your heart beat?  Do you breathe?  Do you walk? Then you definitely have rhythm. It’s scientifically proven! We just have to refine it!

3-. Ballroom Dancing has no age limits!
Anyone at any age can dance. Don’t believe me?  Do you remember the 106-year-old lady who danced with the Obamas a couple of  months ago?  When asked what was the secret to still dancing at 106, she said just keep moving.


So you have all the ingredients, what about the execution?

Once your ingredients are ready and your fear has started to fade away, what  else do you need?  Well…for dancing you need a dance floor or studio for you to step in to! You don’t actually even need a partner! Plenty of group classes are structured for you to rotate so you get a chance to meet new people, and learn at a faster pace. If you have a built in dance partner, then you’re also set – just remember you’re both learning new skills and patience is essential. This is a fun and exciting experience to share, so keep it fun and light!

Enjoy this new adventure and keep us posted on how it goes. Remember that you won’t be the newbie all your life. Try something new today…what do you have to lose? Hope to see you on a dance floor soon!

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