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3 Steps to becoming comfortable quickly

Thanks for clicking and taking the time to read this.

If we got a chance to sit down together – This is what I’d want to say.

I assume that there was something that intrigued you about dancing?

What was it for you?









Well whatever it is…It’s our job to help you reach your goal!

I know that walking into a dance studio is SUPER intimidating…

All of our students have gone through the exact same emotions.

Don’t worry….

After 20 years of dancing I know the exact steps you need to take.

The good news is the first few steps are very easy!

In fact by the time you’re reading this you may have even taken one or two of them.

Step 1. – Get some 1on1 time with an instructor. 

Being able to sit and talk to one of our instructors is the easiest (least nerve wracking) way to get started.

That’s why we offer a FREE 30-Min Private Lesson to all of our new students.

You can book that by calling (502) 377-4859.

If you’ve already done it.. congrats!

On to step 2…

Step 2. – Book a starter package.

A starter package allows you to take private lessons & group classes for a month!

After teaching A LOT of people to dance over year years I realized this.

You need to try group lessons AND private lessons.

So we created a special package to allow you to try both.

From there you’ll be more educated about which path will take you to your goals.

HINT: For most people in includes both group & private lessons.

The final step???

Step 3. – Doing the right things right.

Once you are taking the starter package….

You’re doing the right thing to ensure you’re on the path to reach your goals!


I’ve put together some tips on how to get the most out of your lessons.

After years of watching people…

The ones that had the most fun, struggled the least and ultimately achieved their goals, did these things.

Seriously.. all of them!

View my best tips

Again if there is anything I can do to help you on your dance journey.

Please let me us know.

Our staff is full of passionate helpful people and they are all on your team!

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