4 tips to the best Dance Lesson in Louisville KY

Getting started with dance lessons can be an intimidating thing. You probably don’t have a clue on where to start so you might have just put in a few words into google about dancing and here you are. How do you know if the dance studio you came across online is any good? I thought I would give you 5 solid tips to finding a great dance studio in your city.

Tip #1 Read the website

Just take some time to read the website. Does the site easily communicate your options? Are the prices included on the website? Could you see yourself walking in the door at a place like this? At Dance Louisville although we are very serious about our dancing but still wanted to communicate a supportive welcoming environment to new students.

Tip #2 Do some homework

Check online reviews. Google + Facebook are great places to review what others are saying about a dance studio. Pay attention to the timing of the reviews.  Is there some history there or did they all come in during the same week? Do they seem genuine or staged? You are still trying to get a feeling at this point. Perhaps check with the BBB to make sure there are no complaints about the business. Once you trust that this looks like a good dance studio for you to give them a call!

Tip #3  Call the dance studio (or email if you must)

Give the studio a call. Do they care enough to answer their phone? Even though studios are busy I think its important for them to answer the phone. If you call more than twice and do not receive a call back within the hour I would look elsewhere. If they are not excited to answer your first call will they be supportive when you come in the door to being your lessons? At our studio we try to answer the phone from 10am to 10pm every day. If we miss a call we usually return the call within 30min. If email is your thing then you can start asking questions there but I think its important to actually talk to someone as soon as you can.

Tip #4 Book your first dance lesson

Now that you trust that this is a good business and seems to have a personality that suites you its time to get to dancing. Schedule a dance lesson and be ready to learn. Sit down and talk about your goals with your teacher. Most studios (ours included) have time built into the first lesson to make a plan. Are you there to learn to dance for a wedding or social engagement? Are you looking to lose weight? Are you into competitive dancing. Tell your teacher what you want to achieve and let them suggest a path to help you achieve it.

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Learning to dance is fun!