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Country Dance Lessons

Country Dancing is Cool

Taking country dance lessons is a great activity for singles and couples alike. Country dancing is lively, upbeat and provides a fun and casual atmosphere when you’re dancing any of the styles. If you have ever been inspired to perform or compete, there are plenty of opportunities to do that as well. We have group and private lesson options so no matter your schedule our budget we have your covered. We also know that taking dance lessons can sometimes be an intimidating challenge so we promise to take great care of you.

Two Step is cool! – Brian B

(country dance hall of fame 2017)

How to get started country dancing?

FREE 30-minute country Lesson

We offer group classes & private lessons but a free lesson is the the best way I could think to help get you started learning country dancing.

This is the BEST way to get started!

Please give us a call – We can’t wait to dance with you.


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Wanna learn to country dance?
We have 3 ways to get started

We offer group and private lessons but in addition, we also offer the largest online country dance lessons. Learn dances like country two step, country swing, nighclub and even linedance!

Country Group Lessons

How do they work?

In our group classes you’ll meet new people and learn new moves.

  • No partner necessary!
  • Everyone is welcome.
  • We rotate partners during class
  • Develop confidence


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Private Lessons for Country

Learn from the best

Our instructors are ranked top in the world as country dancers. Brian B is a member of the country dance hall of fame, Megan was a world champion as an amature and 2nd in the world as a pro. Emily & JT are ranked at the top of the professional country dancer today.

  •  DEVELOP CONFIDENCE : Our teachers will help you develop confidence on the dance floor.
  • SCHEDULING IS A BREEZE: You’re busy so group classes are sometimes hard to make. Privates can be scheduled 7 days a week.
  • FIRST LESSON FREE: We can’t think of an easier way to get started. (502) 377-4859


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Online Country Lessons

How do they work?

We’ve created one of the best online learning platforms for country dancers to help your progress.

  • Learn new moves
  • Remember old ones
  • Binge watch at 1am we won’t judge 😉


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What is country two step?

Here’s why you’ll love it

Brian B gives you a breif history of country two step and explains all of the fun you can have with it

  • A breif history of two step
  • Why our teachers are the best to learn from
  • Learn some fun facts about our teachers

Two Step Lessons

Learn the 3 basic moves in 2-step

Country Two Step is really fun. You have to master a few moves first. Here are a couple of the moves you can learn when you get started!

Different Country Dances
A rundown of different styles

Country Two Step

– What is country two step? Dances carrying the name “two step” have existed at least since halfway through the nineteenth century. In this century the two-step was done for a long time as a cowboy dance. These two-steps use a rhythm that we would now call “triple-step triple-step.” In more recent times, the chasse has been altered to be a passing step. Two step dancers use “step step step step” rather than “step close step step,” yet both use the rhythm QQSS. Country two step is a great dance for country music fans!

In this century the two-step was done for a long time as a cowboy dance. Folks gathered just about anywhere to dance – on ranches, in barns, in the wide open spaces under the stars. Slowly a dance that was specifically “western” began to evolve. Novelty moves and styles popular in Appalachia and the south came west and were absorbed by the new settlers. However, the most important influence came from the cowboy!

The modern day two step is the main partner dance in country western dancing. The basic step occupies 6 beats of music. Similar to the 6-count swing, the steps consist of 2 quick steps (1 beat a piece) and 2 slow steps (2 beats a piece). Beyond the basic inside and outside turns, the two step incorporates many ducks, tunnels, and funky arm positioning.

As couple dancing regained popularity in the mid 1970’s with the emergence of disco. In the late 1970’s as disco died and country music continued to rise in rapid popularity, a resurgence of interest in western dance emerged. During this time, two step underwent rapid growth as a social dance. Two step followed the popularity of country music to its peak in popularity in the 90’s, the competitive influence of the UCWDC has created the two step we now see today.

Nightclub (NC2)

– The “two step” was developed in 1965 by a 15 year-old teen from Whitaker, Illinois named Buddy Schwimmer . Buddy was doing a line dance called “Surfer Stomp.” It was based on two steps and a stomp. This worked well with fast music, but the footwork was too slow for medium and slow tempo songs. The timing was changed and it went from a line dance to a partnership dance. This then became the dance called “two step.” Eventually in 1978, Buddy opened a dance studio in Costa Mesa, California and started teaching “nightclub two step” which is not commonly called just nightclub. I you want to learn the nightclub basics, this is a great video by our own megan and brian.

Nightclub, like all dances has gone through changes over time. It has evolved into two different-feeling dances. The original footwork was “rock in place, side” (quick, quick, slow). The country western dancers have adopted it and have included it in their competitions changing the footwork to (slow, quick, quick to better match the music). Nightclub is very gliding, continuous, strong and powerful with a big sweeping feeling. It is precise and quite technical.

Nightclub is a dance you can do in nightclubs as well as ballrooms, weddings, cruises, etc. It’s an alternative to the “slow” dance – the dance where you stand, put your hands on your partner’s waist and your partner puts her arms around your neck and you sway back and forth, back-and-forth etc., etc. It is perfect for medium and slow music. Nightclub is danced to popular music, mostly ballads and songs such as “Lady In Red,” “On the Wings of Love.” Its popularity is slowly moving east and is starting to be taught in Europe. It is just a matter of time before it is danced everywhere in the United States.

When the 70’s rolled in, John Travolta brought back couples dancing with his movie role in Saturday Night Fever. Country western dancing is what you see Debra Winger doing with Travolta in the movie “Urban Cowboy” and with Tom Berenger in the movie “Betrayed” – the kind of dancing men and women do to contemporary country western music. Country western line dancing became popular in the late 80’s into the early 90’s although without a partner it is a different animal than couples dancing. 1990 into 2000 (the height of popularity for country music) brings partner dancing back. Country western line dancing has now shifted towards country.

Triple Two Step

This is a rather new country dance but it has its roots in the honky tonk.


There are lots of different styles of polka but country polka sure is fun.


East Coast Swing

Swing dance started in the 1920’s with charleston and then lindy hop. You can see East Coast Swing done in ballroom studios and country dance floors alike.

Country Swing Dancing

Country swing is making a big comeback especially since the pandemic. This is an easy dance to learn and really cool.

Country Waltz

Strangely enough this was one of the most popular country dances in the 1980’s and we still do it today!


From the electric slide to boot scootin boogie and onto non country dances today like shivers… linedance is cooler than you think!

West Coast Swing

Again a swing dance from the 1920’s but you’ll see it a lot in country bars and competitive and social dance events alike.

Ready to country dance?

FREE 30-minute country Lesson

We can’t wait to help you learn some two step, linedance, swing and lots move fun stuff! 

This is the BEST way to get started!

Please give us a call – We can’t wait to dance with you.


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