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Dance Louisville

Beginner Group Dance Classes

We have a series of dance lessons created to teach the basics of the popular social dances. Ballroom Dancing, West Coast Swing and Salsa Dance lessons. New dancers as well as more experienced ones are welcome. The classes will remain focused on building good dance skill so that new students will be able to enjoy dancing these hot dances. Students rotate so you never need a partner. Group classes are a great way to not only learn new steps but to meet and dance with others.

What You Need To Know!

  • Take 30 days of classes for only $30 your first month!
  • Only $10 per class after that.
  • Only $15 for Sunday’s Newcomer Dance.
  • Beginner classes are designed with the non-dancer in mind.
  • No partner necessary! Singles & Couples welcome.
  • We rotate partners during class,
  • For couples, rotating is encouraged but not required.
  • You don’t need to call ahead just come on in!

Singles and couples welcome. Students rotate so you never need a partner for your dance lessons. For couples, rotating is recommended but not required. In our experience, couples that rotate learn more quickly and enjoy their classes more. New dancers as well as more experienced ones are welcome in our classes.

Intermediate & Advanced Group Classes

Dance two hours for the price of one! Once you progress past the beginner series and register for an intermediate or advanced class, you may come back and take the beginner class for free to both keep your skills sharp and help to encourage others.

Many of our students come to the beginner class to keep sharp and assist the new students before beginning the Int/Adv class. It is a proven system that has helped produce many good dancers. It is a fantastic value for your dollar as well!

Please remember wedding dance lessons are done through private instruction.