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Dance Louisville

Frequently Asked Questions

Dress Code

What do I wear?
Dress casually and comfortably. No need for ‘workout gear.’ Jeans and a nice shirt are fine! We also suggest to bring a light jacket. Sometimes it gets chilly in the studio while waiting for a lesson.

Do I need any special kind of shoes?
For men, causal shoes work best or anything that is a bit worn down on the bottom. For ladies shoes that will stay on your feet! Open back shoes are not best and you might want to consider closed toed shoes as well. Some people even bring a couple pairs of shoes to try out. When your ready we sell dance shoes.

Private Lessons

How does a private lesson work?
Lessons are an hour long. (55min to dance and 5 min for scheduling). Your teacher will sit down with you for a few min to understand your goals, then you will start to go to work on learning to dance! You are always the boss and your teacher is there to help you!

How much do you charge for a private lesson?
$55-$85. Our lesson prices are public and we are always willing to help you find something for your budget! Private lesson prices include one or two people.

Do I need a partner for private lessons?
Nope! We will pair you with a teacher for your private lesson.

Group Classes

How much are group classes?
Our group lessons are $10 per class and are 45min long.
We also have a Sunday Newcomer Dance that runs 90 minutes for only $15.

How many people in a group class work? 
Our classes have from 8-30 people. Beginner classes are truly for beginners. We will teach all the footwork and partnering for both the leaders and followers. Its easier than you think!

Do I need a partner for group classes?
Most people come as singles so we rotate partners during class. If you do have a particular partner that you want to dance with during class please just let your teacher know and you will not have to rotate.

Wedding Lessons

We’re getting married and want to learn to dance?
Call us and book your first $15 introductory private lesson. Bring the songs that you might want to dance to. From there your teacher can suggest several wedding packages options that fit your needs. See our prices here.

What dance should I start with?
Anything you want! Seriously though your teacher will start you with something that fits your goals and ability level. Its easier than you think!

What are the different styles? 
We teach ALL styles of partner dancing. Over 40 different dances to be exact. From Ballroom to Country, Swing to Salsa we’ve got you covered.


Where are you located?
We are in the east end off of Lyndon Lane. That about a mile from the Oxmoor Mall and about a mile off of 264 & Shelbyville Rd. The physical address is 8023 Catherine Lane Louisville KY.